Read a selection of testimonials to get an idea of our clients' experiences:

“I have had the experience of having a fitting done by a very large Prosthesis company previous to finding CPL in Seattle, and while the work done by this previous company was satisfactory, I must say that the prosthesis created by CPL was superior in every way (fitting, texture, color-match, etc.). Another thing I enjoyed about working with CPL was the convenience and intimacy of the consultation and fitting appointments with Sharon. I always felt like I was her first priority when we were working together. Lastly, Sharon is very open and collaborative when it comes to the fitting process. She always gave me all of the information I needed and asked me what my preferences were before making decisions about about the design and look of my prosthesis.”
T. H., Seattle, WA

“Sharon and Deane worked as a team, combining their technical and artistic talents, to produce a full nasal prosthesis for me. I was amazed at their patience in the detailed fine tuning of the wax model in order to fit a very irregular surgery opening. My prosthesis looks good, is comfortable to wear, stays glued on, and makes life a lot easier when I am out in public. I would highly recommend them, and will go back to them for any further work I may need.”
George, Eagle River, AK

“Sharon and Deane work in an area that strands the fields of medicine, therapy, aesthetics, and psychology. I could appreciate the seriousness with which they take their job. There are technical and artistic qualities to their work and they strive to get the best result for every prosthesis they create. This means not only meeting functional standards, but also aesthetic and human ones. They care that your prosthesis will become part of you; something that a more commercial operation would not care as much. What impressed me the most was the human quality of their work. The work they do has a transformative effect on the lives of their clients. And Sharon and Deane are aware of it. They get to know each one of their clients in a personal level and I think that knowledge, that empathy is reflected in the final product. I highly recommend them.”
LV from Portland, OR

“Anyone who happens to look close enough to see that my right ear is glued on is probably going to be marveling at how totally real it looks. Even though I glue it on, my ear feels real to me. The weight, the shape, the fact that I can wear glasses and not have them tilt on my face. These things that most others take for granted are the details that make me so happy to have a prosthetic.”
E. B., Renton, WA