Custom Athletic Faceguards

We offer custom fabricated protective faceguards for athletes who wish to continue to practice and/or compete during healing. Typically athletes we work with have suffered a facial fracture (nasal, jaw, and/or orbit), laceration or facial reconstruction, and have been referred by a physician to reduce risk of additional injury. We also work with those who have congenital conditions requiring protection of the face during athletics, i.e. arteriovenous malformation, or frontonasal dysplasia.

Each and every facemask is handcrafted from a facial impression taken at our office. The facemasks are made of a clear, strong, lightweight material and offer several styles of strapping options, the simplest being adjustable velcro straps.

Our fabricator is an expert in the field and has worked with professional and school-aged athletes nationwide. The masks have been impact tested, and straps are individualized for your sport to ensure that your faceguard stays in place. Eye openings are customized for maximum protection, while minimizing obstruction of peripheral vision. Wearing a personalized custom faceguard, athletes can play with confidence without the fear of repeat injury. While most masks are made for basketball and soccer, they can also be used for cheerleading, baseball and softball, water and horse polo, martial arts, field hockey, volleyball, and more.

How do I get a custom faceguard?

1. Obtain a prescription from a physician

We understand craniofacial anatomy and communicate with your physician regarding the specifics of your injuries or diagnosis to design a faceguard to protect your area of injury. Athletic trainers and healthcare providers can click here to complete a physician’s order. (patient referral). We may request a written prescription and possibly chart notes.

2. Facial impression

While lying comfortably in our office, a facial impression is made to capture all surface forms of the face in order to create an extremely accurate working model. At this time we will also take reference photographs.

3. Fitting of the custom mask

Following the fabrication of the custom facemask and straps, the client returns to our office for fitting and instructions on wearing their faceguard. Turn around time is typically 10 to 14 days from the day we make the facial impression.

We welcome you and your referring healthcare provider to contact us with questions and to schedule a complimentary initial consultation. Call our office at 206-985-8839 or email us at:

What about off-the-shelf or mail-order faceguards? Faces are completely individual and come in many shapes and sizes, making a one-size-fits-all faceguard problematic. Athletes report that off-the-shelf faceguards obstruct peripheral vision, are not comfortable, and do not stay in place. The protection a facemask offers is dependent upon an accurate facial mold. If the mold is not made by an expert and properly handled it can easily distort—resulting in a poor fit. A faceguard that arrives in the mail may be fine for some, but if not properly fitted it will not protect well or feel comfortable.

Custom athletic face masks
Custom athletic faceguards