The Process

Consultation and evaluation (approx. 1 hour)

We meet with the client to review prosthetic options, provide an assessment of what a prosthesis can and cannot provide, and discuss how we can help. A treatment plan is prepared and agreed upon before proceeding.

Impression Taking (approx. 1 hour)

An impression is made directly on the patient by smoothing a flexible material over and around the involved areas to capture all surface forms and surrounding detail in order to create an extremely accurate working model. We will also take reference photographs. If insurance authorization is already in hand, and the patient is ready to proceed, the impression may be completed during the consultation appointment.

Sculpting & Color Match (2-4 hours)

Prior to this session, we create a wax model that mimics the missing body part using the reference photos and impression obtained during the previous appointment. The wax prototype is placed on the patient to evaluate fit and appearance. The malleability of the wax model allows us to make changes until satisfaction is achieved. Additionally, prosthetic silicone material is matched to the complexion of the patient and pigments added and recorded to formulate base silicone shade(s). Sculpting and color matching are typically broken into more than one session.

Fitting and Delivery (2-3 hours)

Preceding this appointment, molds have been made from the prototype wax sculpture and a prosthesis has been fabricated using the base silicone colors previously prepared. With the client present, surface tinting is applied to more closely match the details of adjacent skin and blend margins. Procedures for normal care and use are reviewed and skills are demonstrated for and practiced by the patient so that they can leave feeling confident in their restored appearance as well as in the use and maintenance of their prosthesis.

Custom-made Prostheses

Each prosthesis we create in our clinic is unique to the individual. It is carefully sculpted to restore visual symmetry to the body, simulating translucency, texture, and color of living tissue. Besides having a natural appearance, we strive to create a prosthesis that is durable, comfortable and manageable for each client.