Presurgical Planning

For patients who choose bone-anchored implants to retain their facial prosthesis, optimal results require close cooperation between our office and the surgeon, particularly in regard to determination of implant position and angle and avoiding implant placement that could affect the aesthetic contours of a prosthesis.

Our certified anaplastologist will meet with physicians and their patients prior to implant surgery to aid in surgical planning. We create custom surgical positioners for osseointegrated implant surgery and attend surgery to provide guidance regarding use of these positioners. Surgical positioners show the optimal location of the final prosthesis and ideal placement of implants.

Other considerations could include specific issues such as accumulated radiation exposure, tissue tags, grafts, and impressions before resection. We also consult with physicians regarding appropriate time for tissue healing following trauma or surgery before beginning prosthetic treatment.

Prosthetic restoration may be indicated for a wide range of etiologies, including:

  • Ablative cancer surgeries
  • Congenital anomalies
  • Amputations
  • Traffic accidents
  • Dog bite
  • Burns
  • Gunshot injuries

surgical planning

implant positioning