Custom breast, nipple, & other services

With an appropriate referral, we create custom-made prostheses for other parts of the body disfigured by disease, surgery, or trauma that require aesthetic compatibility and customized fit for successful prosthetic rehabilitation. Examples are custom breast forms, athletic faceguards, and shoulder restorations. A fully custom prosthesis offers a greater level of comfort and satisfaction, and a personalized process in contrast to conventional off-the-shelf products.


  • Highly realistic custom-made nipple prostheses. In many cases skin adhesives can be avoided. Nipple prostheses avoid additional surgical procedures and secondary surgical sites.
  • Deltoid (shoulder) restorations for individuals with Post-Polio Syndrome. Soft lightweight prostheses are custom molded in choice of color, and comfortably protect sensitive joints and tissues while creating improved body symmetry in clothing.
  • Custom breast prosthetics. Custom Prosthetic, Ltd. has partnered with Virage by ContourMed®, and Radiant Impressions® by Trulife to offer several styles and options for a custom breast prosthesis that is a near mirror image of the patient’s breast. Options for unilateral, bilateral, and shell-type covers.

All of our custom products are individually handcrafted, giving each woman a natural, custom fit. We offer custom solutions for breast prosthetics that provide symmetry and choice of multiple skin tones, and nipple projection and color. Realistic custom prostheses are available following mastectomy, lumpectomy, surgical reconstruction, or for Poland Syndrome. There are a variety of moderate to lightweight styles that may be worn in a bra of your choosing, and even those that may be worn during activities such as swimming or athletics.

Unlike traditional off-the-shelf forms, our custom prostheses fit snugly to your chest wall, eliminating the need for a pocket bra. The chest wall contour is captured through laser scanning so the breast form fits like a puzzle piece. They will fit your unique contour, restoring shape, profile and confidence.

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Custom face masks for sports

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Virage custom breast prosthesis Radiant Impressions custom breast prosthesis