Orbital Prosthesis

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An orbital prosthesis artificially simulates the eye, eyelids, and surrounding tissues lost as a result of disease, surgery, or trauma. The prosthesis restores facial contours and help restore normal speech patterns when the nasal and sinus areas are involved. It protects delicate tissues and maintains proper humidity for sinuses and respiratory mucosa or orbital structures.

Following exenteration (removal of eye lids and all orbital contents) the orbital prosthesis replaces all removed parts, thus presenting the area with restored symmetry. Orbital prostheses contain an artificial eye made from acrylic, which was commonly referred to as a “glass eye”.

Methods of Retention

Orbital prostheses are attached either with medical adhesives, bone anchored implants, utilizing anatomical features for retention, or by attachment to eyeglasses.

Clients find a great psychological benefit from the realistic qualities of a prosthesis that allow them to focus on daily activities and resume positive social interaction.

Custom orbital prosthesis
Custom orbital prosthesis