Nasal/Nose Prosthesis

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The nasal (nose) prosthesis artificially restores structural and soft tissue which is congenitally malformed or lost due to surgery, cancer, trauma, or burns. Restoration with a custom nasal prosthesis is a safe effective treatment for any lost nasal tissue when surgical reconstruction is not indicated or has previously failed. In some cases a nasal prosthesis can be used as an interim measure while awaiting further surgical intervention


A nasal prosthesis not only restores a more normal appearance to the face and closes open defects, but it also functions to moisturize the air coming in through the nose, protects sensitive tissue, and supports eyeglasses. The delicate remaining structures and mucous membranes lining the nasal passages must be kept moist and free from irritation. The prosthesis duplicates the function of the nose by directing air flow to the nasopharynx, helping to maintain proper humidity for the sinuses and respiratory mucosa, and restoring a more normal speech resonance.

Methods of Retention

Methods of retention for a nasal prosthesis include medical adhesives or gels, bone anchored implants, utilizing anatomical features for retention, and attachment to eyeglasses.

Clients find a great psychological benefit from the realistic qualities of a prosthesis that allow them to focus on daily activities and resume positive social interaction.

Client wearing nasal prosthesis
Custom nasal prosthesis