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About Face
Email: | Web site:About Face | Provides resource directory, self-help network and consultations for people who have facial differences.
Amputee Coalition
The Coalition publishes a list of amputee support groups by location:
Support for People with Oral and Head & Neck Cancer
Tel: 516-759-5333, 800-377-0928 | Email: | Web site: | Patient run support group network providing group meetings, networking, newsletter and insurance information for oral, head and neck cancer survivors.
American Childhood Cancer Organization
Tel: 855-858-2226 | Web site: | Dedicated to cancer research and awareness
Caregiver Support
Web site: | A website to help family caregivers find information and support that will aid them through their caregiving journey.
The Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors
Tel: (616) 458-2773, (616) 458-2831 Fax: (800) 888-BURN (2876) | Email: | Web site: | Provides peer support and counseling to patients and their families under the guidance and approval of medical professionals. They publish a Monthly newsletter called the Icarus File.
Cancer Support Community
Web site: | Find information on living with cancer, whether you are newly diagnosed, a survivor, or a family member or friend of someone who is living with cancer.

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