Finger Prosthetics

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Finger or digital prostheses artificially restore a portion or all of an absent finger. They are custom made for each individual, with great care and attention paid to all details of color, shape, texture and fit. In most cases these custom prosthetics are created with hard acrylic (paintable with nail polish) fingernails and are held in place by a customized slight pressure suction fit. They are often prescribed by hand surgeons or hand therapists.

These prostheses restore symmetry to the hands, and by restoring length, allow for digital manipulation. They protect the sensitive tip of the finger from trauma and extreme temperatures, and may provide opposition to a remaining mobile thumb or finger(s).


If the patient has movement in the remaining portion of the finger, the prosthesis will restore a degree of function to the finger. Through passive function, practical or specialized tasks may be facilitated by the prosthesis. For instance, the prosthesis will allow the patient to type or use a computer keyboard correctly and without discomfort. Holding and manipulation of writing and eating utensils, holding a glass and moving papers are some other examples.

Clients find a great psychological benefit from the realistic qualities of a prosthesis that allow them to focus on daily activities and living productive lives rather than being distracted by other peoples’ reaction to their scars or amputation.

Left index finger prosthesis
Custom left index finger prosthesis

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