Prosthetic Ear/Auricular Prosthesis

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The auricular (ear) prosthesis artificially restores structural and soft tissue which is congenitally missing or lost due to surgery, cancer, trauma, or burns. Restoration with a custom ear prosthesis is a safe effective treatment for any lost or absent ear tissue when surgical ear reconstruction is not indicated or has previously failed.


The prosthetic ear by its shape functions to direct sound waves into the ear canal and to maintain a proper environment for the inner ear membranes. The prosthetic ear provides support for eyeglasses and may improve hearing by up to 20 percent, as demonstrated by research studies.

Methods of Retention

Implant Retention
Surgically placed bone anchored implants create a permanent means to attach an individual prosthesis. An appropriate implant retention system is chosen and designed. Options include a bar-clip attachment or magnetic attachment of ear prostheses. Many factors are important to consider: bone and soft tissue quality, age and lifestyle. With you as a part of our team, we work with highly skilled surgical and prosthodontic specialists to develop a custom prosthetic restoration that is uniquely suited to you.

Adhesive Retention
Often children born with microtia, Goldenhar Syndrome or hemifacial microsomia are candidates for prosthetic ear restoration. In cases where the clients themselves or parents do not want their child to undergo any surgery, and have a desire to keep their own tissue intact, an adhesive retained, or slip-over ear restoration utilizing limited adhesive or gel is an option. This type of prosthetic retention is also an alternative to help people through periods when they wish to keep all options open.

Clients find a great psychological benefit from the realistic qualities of a prosthesis that allow them to focus on daily activities and living productive lives rather than being distracted by other peoples’ reaction to their differences.

Implant retained ear prosthesis
Custom implant retained ear prosthesis