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Our Mission

Our mission at Custom Prosthetic, Ltd. is to combine innovation and expertise to create a safe, comfortable prosthesis that is life-like in appearance, while providing a positive, personalized experience which takes into consideration each individual's particular needs and range of life factors. These efforts should result in client satisfaction and an improved quality of life.

Coordinated care, personalized solutions

A caring, personalized approach includes consultation with your other providers, including surgeons, rehabilitation therapists and dental specialists to coordinate a treatment plan. This is especially important for those pursuing implant-retained prosthetics (which require initial surgery and use clips or magnets to securely hold a facial prosthesis in place), as careful presurgical planning is critical. For over 20 years, Sharon Haggerty has teamed with surgical and prosthodontic specialists at Virginia Mason Medical Center, the University of Washington, Children's Hospital and Medical Center, and others in Washington, Oregon and beyond to provide patients with this sophisticated and secure method of prosthetic attachment.

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Sharon Haggerty is a board Certified Clinical Anaplastologist (CCA).
She served for 5 years as president of the Board for Certification in Clinical Anaplastology (BCCA), and has been a member of the International Anaplastology Association (IAA) for nearly 25 years.

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